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Custom Fullbring

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Name of Fullbringer: Hunter Baliton

Height: 5'11

Weight: 190

Age: 18

Hair and Eye color: Hair is silver and is medium length that reaches just below his eyes. His eyes are sky-blue

Side: Good

Personality: Although he is usually seen as a laid-back, jovial fellow, Hunter also shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it. He commonly uses idle conversation and outward concern as an act of distracting his opponents. Despite his care-free attitude, he always speaks politely, but is sometimes sarcastic

Past: Hunter grew up on the streets gambling for money. His skills grew as he got older and became unbeatable at poker, at first claiming it was his "lucky ring". One day, he was playing a game and lost cause the guy cheated. Hunter got angry and threw the entire deck of cards at the guy sending him through a wall breaking two ribs. Hunter found Ginjo and trained with him for a few years. After he had full control of his Fullbring, Hunter left Ginjo for unknown reasons.

Name of Fullbring: Gambler's Fury

Fullbring's abilities:
Molecular Acceleration: Hunter has the power to take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy thus “charging” that item with explosive results. He prefers to charge smaller objects, such as his ever-present playing cards, as the time required to charge them is greatly reduced and they are much easier for him to throw

Enhanced Agility: Hunter's ability to tap energy also grants him superhuman agility and dexterity which gives him an added edge he has used to his advantage by developing a unique acrobatic fighting style.

Hypnotic Charm: Ability to "charge" the kinetic energy within a person's brain, allowing a subtle influence over any sentient mind. This power allows Hunter to compel others to believe what he says and agree with anything he suggests

Description of Fullbring: The ring he wears turns into a pair of steel-plated fingerless gloves

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