Yori Koizumi's Shikai Application

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Yori Koizumi's Shikai Application

Post  _Yori_ on Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:23 pm

Name: Kitsuen Kiba

Call: Engulf Them, Kitsuen Kiba

Sealed Appearance:
A standard Uchigatana with red wrapping around the hilt and blue rayskin underneath. It is worn across his back much like Suì-Fēng's is in the anime. The Sheathe to his Zanpakuto is red aswell.

Shikai Appearance:
Upon calling the Shikai the blade begins to become engulfed in smoke. Drawing the blade post call will cause smoke to spill out of the Sheathe. Once drawn the blade is the same size but now covered in a gray smoke.

Piasa Kiba Kitsuen (Reiatsu Projectile): His blade absorbs the Reiatsu exerted into it and sends out an amplified blast that appears as smoke. The speed at which it is projected depends upon the attack and momentum as it is smoke. It behaves as normal Reiatsu projectiles upon making contact with its target. The only difference being that it has the potential to attack with the force from any angle depending upon where the smoke is. Piasa Kiba Kitsuen also takes quite a lot of Reiatsu and could cause accidental death if not used when prepared with ample amounts of Reiatsu. This attack can reach the destructive force of Hado level 40 or below depending upon the Reiatsu poured into it. Yori has not been told the name of this technique yet and hasn't obtained its true potential.

Sword Speed: +3
Sword Power: +3
Agility: +2

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