Simon's (Heaven Piercing) Shikai

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Simon's (Heaven Piercing) Shikai

Post  ScarfAssassin on Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:40 pm

Name:Tengoku no senkō

Call: Believe in the you who believes in yourself, Tengoku no senkō

Sealed Appearance: The simple average zanpakuto, Nothing special about it at all.

Unsealed Appearance:The zanpakuto is put to the arm of the user, and a green light is seen from it as there is a puff of white smoke, As it clears it can be noticed that the users forearm now had a drill over it, Covering the entire arm!

Spin on!(Strength Based):The drill can spin, Making it easier to pierce defenses such as Hierro. This induces great strain on the users arm and potentially put it out of commission if used for to long.

Midori no Doriru(Reiatsu Projectile):Reiatsu incases the drill for afew seconds before it has the ability to be fired off as a 'shell' of the drill. This is as strong as level-30 Hado techniques. It can not pass this level of power and can be blocked by Hado techniques above level-30.


Reaction Time: +3
Strike Speed: +3
Strike Power: +2

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Re: Simon's (Heaven Piercing) Shikai

Post  Ferin on Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:42 pm

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