Hueco Mundo Laws 28/2/14

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Hueco Mundo Laws 28/2/14

Post  EvolutionMe on Fri Feb 28, 2014 5:35 pm

IC Rules; note that you may break these rules but it will most likely result in death unless stated otherwise icly.

1. It is by no means allowed to kill an Arrancar, unless you were attacked first.
2. Always follow the orders of a higher ranked Espada.
3. If you're not an Espada, then you're obligated to join a Fraccion.
4. The Arrancar Leader has supreme authority, going against him or his orders will result in death. You're not allowed to attack him, even if he's attacking you.
5. Espada Commanders has supreme authority only overruled by the Arrancar Leader, attacking them regardless of the reason will result in death.
6. No treason.
7. Do not bring Shinigamis to Hueco Mundo.
8. The Arrancar Leader is capable of breaking and changing any rule they see fit without anyone's consent.
9. As an Arrancar, you're not allowed to enter Earth without permission from an Espada.
10. As an Espada, you're not allowed to enter Earth without permission from a Commander. (Admin Permission is also required)
11. Any Espada, with the numbers 1-4, are not allowed to release their Zanpakuto, or use Cero/Gran Rey Cero, within Las Noches unless stated otherwise.

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