Kojiro Uetsugi's Zanpakuto Release [NEW EDITED VERSION]

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Kojiro Uetsugi's Zanpakuto Release [NEW EDITED VERSION]

Post  Seyashi on Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:26 am

Name: Sakanade

Call: Analyze and decay

Sealed Appearance: While sealed, Kojiro's zanpakuto looks like a regular katana with a dark green wrapped hilt surrounding dark gold diamonds and a golden pommel. The guard on the zanpakuto is also a golden metal, whereas the blade itself is a standard silver katana-like blade.

Shikai Appearance: While in shikai, Kojiro's zanpakuto becomes slightly longer, the blade extending by nearly an inch. The pommel of the blade extends outwards with a golden spike surrounded at its base by three triangular outward pointing spikes. The guard of the blade(still golden) becomes diamond shaped, the two horizontal points extending further than the other two points. The wrapping on the hilt remains green, surrounding golden diamond shapes.


Spiked Needles Creation(For lack of a better name): From the flat of his blade, small, extremely sharp needles are materialized. They are pushed out of the blade, similar to the effect of when Byakuya drops his sword into the ground when he activates bankai. It is essentially the blade sweating out these spiked needles. They look like regular needles, except crossing horizontally on them are shorter needles, giving them a lower case "t" look. The katana can only "sweat out" two of these blades at a time, and only 30 are allowed at once. If one is destroyed, another can replace it. These needles typically will spin around and float around Kojiro.

Shitty picture reference: [Only admins are allowed to see this image]

The ability of the needles:
1)If cut by these needles, the person cut is affected by(Kojiro's Choice): A)Gather Information(opponent's techniques, strategies, pressure point) B)Microscopic bacteria that can cause dizziness, slowness, and maybe when powerful enough(extensive training of shikai), full paralysis C)They get fucking cut(it is a blade, after all).

Each cut, stab, slice, whatever, by these needles can do only one of these effects at a time. If cut once, Kojiro can choose A, B, or C. If he picks A, the next cut can do B or C, and so on. Effect A can only be done once, whereas the other two can be done however many times he wants. C is a given, of course, and B can stack on the person affected, causing stronger dizziness, slowness, etc.

2) The needles can clump up together to create a shield that can block incoming attacks like sword slices or kido at level 30 and below(subject to change as Kojiro's power grows?)

Ethereal/Corporeal Transfer: By locking his eyes onto something, Kojiro can "teleport" that something to a different location by having it enter another dimension for a split second and reenter the regular(corporeal) world where ever he wants. When the ability is used his eyes flash golden for the splitsecond that the ability occurs. The ability of course would be super draining, to the point where if he would use it too much(2-3 times at first) he would become bed-ridden(Kakashi back when he first learned to use Kamui).

With enough training, by enough, I mean extensive-ass training, Kojiro could eventually be able to use the ability more and be able teleport himself from one place to another(Obito Uchiha Kamui style pretty much).

Important IC Note: Kojiro is currently studying interdimensional transfer which would obviously help him out with learning this ability and improving upon it.

Hado: +3
Reaction Time: +2
Sword Speed: +2
Bakudo: +1

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Re: Kojiro Uetsugi's Zanpakuto Release [NEW EDITED VERSION]

Post  Ferin on Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:09 am

The teleportation may NOT be used on a player without their OOC consent. Full paralysis will not be possible unless the rei gap is 2000+.

With these, approved.
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