Axel's Custom Zanpakuto [UPDATED]

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Axel's Custom Zanpakuto [UPDATED]

Post  Flame0900 on Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:35 pm

<b>Zanpakuto name:</b> Akumanokagami (Demon Mirror)

<b>Shikai Call:</b> Jaakuna kuroi kokoro o motta hansha! Detekuru, Akumanokagami (Black hearted reflection of the wicked! Come forth, Demon Mirror)

<b>Shikai Type:</b> Zanjutsu/Kido

<b>Unreleased Appearance:</b> In the blades unreleased form, it looks like a a normal nodachi. Long, big, and, heavy. White stainless steel is what the blade is made out of. The sheath is pitch black, and the handle has a black and red wrapping around it, black and red diamonds litters the wrapping.

<b>Shikai Appearance:</b>

After a imense build up in rieatsu, Axel is covered in a blinding light, a black haze collects around his body and then along with the white light discharges around the are in which Axel is standing, the blade seems to be split into two. There is one blade smaller than the other, the smaller blade is held backwards, while the longer one is held like one would normally hold a katana, there is a thin layer of pitch black metal on the flat of the blade, the rest is white like a spotless plate, it is clear enough to see ones own reflection.

<b>Shikai Abilities</b>

Demon Mirror: Bend
Focusing his Reiatsu into the longer blade, the sword would grow and expand at the tip, eventually not just growing longer but also wider, until turning into a oversized mirror. The mirror would detach from the sword and the sword would shrink down back to regular size. The mirror would shrink and be able to deflect any kido magic, however no taijutsu skills and/or zanjutsu skills. The mirror can deflect by bending back the attacks in any which way Axel wants. The mirror is see-through after creation and invisible to the human eye, it could also bend easily like rubber and only be used in one place at a time. Never in two place simultaineously. The mirror can also have a limit of deflecting only kido techniques three times as much as his own, ad under, (at maximum Axel's rieatsu is 1920% so at maximum he can deflect kido attacks of a maximum of 5760% and below, the limit grows in size as his rieatsu power grows over time).

Akuma mirā: Mirāju (Demon Mirror: Mirage)
The see-through mirror will bend the light that it catches and create illusions and trick the enemy.

Akuma mirā: De· ja· vu (Demon Mirror: De Ja Vu)
The attacks that are sent at Axel, will be reflected upon the Demon Mirror, however, with each time the mirror catches the reflection of the attacks sent, whether it is capable of bending it back or not, it can make an exact replica of the attack sent at him, by creating a replica of the user itself and the attack they send out at Axel. The amount of power sent towards Axel determines the effectiveness of the attack. However Axel has the option to put more rieatsu into the attack, but it limits the effectiveness of his use of Demon Mirror. Making it harder for him to use his hado spells and making the mirror brittle, eventually breaking when attacked by enemy kido, zanjutsu techniques and taijutsu.


+1 Zanjutsu power
+2 Reaction time
+3 Agility
+2 Hado

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