Yakina's Custom Resurreccion

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Yakina's Custom Resurreccion

Post  Shade Genkai on Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:56 am

Name: Yakina(Neko.Jane)

Ressurection Name: Alucard

Ressurection Call: Discard the Light for Reaping

Ressurection Type: Short to Long Range

Ressurection Appearance: In this form, Yakina's body morphs into a similar form as her vasto form. Her height is slightly increased as her hair shifts in color to black. Along with this, there are two horn-like blades residing on her head. Metalic like armor or formed upon her body as her nails sharpen and become longer. Yakina's zanpakto becomes a scythed weapon colored red. Upon release, the kind hearted esence is burned out of her as it bursts out into a brief period of black wind around her.

Ressurection Abilities:

Yai Godin(True Reaping): Placing the scythe directly infront of Yakina, she channels her reiatsu through it. Whilst doing so, the blades color will shine in a blinding white color. As the blade feels the pressence of anothers reiatsu, a chain reaction begins, as the scythes blade disperses onto the molecular level, leaving only the handle(the staff part). As the light would dissapate, the gravity surrounding Yakina becomes a lot more dense making it harder for people with less reiatsu to dodge as well(2 yards away) as parts of the blade then generates into smaller hand type blades(3) that work in conjunction with the rest of her weapon(the staff). The purpose of the density is not to immoblize but slow down speed therefor closing oppertunities to react to everything. Close-Mid range. The gravity increase is set at 4.5x normal gravity, meaning that a person will be 4x their normal weight.

Cero Taigen(Judgement of Oscorus): This technique is a variation of the technique specifically for hollows known as Cero. It's power is a lot stronger than the average cero. It has larger range, speed, and massive attack power based on how much power is dished out in it. In essence it's color is outlined black and is mainly white. Although this technique may seem straight forward it isn't. Close-Long range. This technique requires at the very least 2 turns to charge.

Zeko Hagai(Final Dance): This skill is one of Yakina's most powerful. Utilizing the full power of her ressurection release, a vast amount of white reiatsu is released from her body and radiates on her scythe as it glows the same color. Slamming the end of the handle into the ground, the aura on the blade only would seem to dissapate. Truly, it was sent into the ground, reshaping. As a result, chains are created that radiate the color of Yakina's blade. The chains travel underground at fast rates and can perform strikes coming out the ground and overground. Their speed is as fast as Yakina and is as durable as her Hierro. They follow use reiatsu as their go on. The chains work well in conjunction together. If they wrap around an person that has less Reiatsu than Yakina, they are able to tighten and retract in opposite angles. However, if the person is stronger, as long as she possesses more speed, the chains will be able to catch up to the opponent but not retract. Due to them having more reiatsu, she can only hold them for three seconds. Close-Long Range.

Agility +2
Reaction Time +2
Sword Technique +2
Hierro +1

Bala/Cero +2
Sword Speed +1
Note**All Hakuda Points Transfer to Zanjutsu. Regeneration lowers to 1 and the rest is placed into Bala/Cero.

Regular Form


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Re: Yakina's Custom Resurreccion

Post  Ferin on Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:36 pm

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