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Post  TezukaOgame on Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:59 pm

Technique Name: Ken No O no me(Eye Of The Sword King)

Technique Type: Zanjutsu(Technically)

Technique Level Mastery: High

Technique Description: Through his training and studying of an extensive amount of sword styles, Tezuka can copy any sword technique or sword style he sees in battle as long as he possesses more or equal skill than his opponent(Sword Technique Passive). When this technique is active Tezuka's eyes go from their original soft gold to a deep blood red. This technique can only remain active for 5 turns(Posts) and while it is active Tezuka cannot use the special abilities of his shikai besides the basic wind control. If the technique is further trained the amount of posts it will remain active can increase but the only way to train this technique is against a swordsman of equal or greater skill. Not only does this technique allow for simple copying but he will add that technique to his own style which is the ever evolving Ogame style of swordsmanship. Also when using this technique Tezuka can read the body movements of his opponent at a much higher rate helping him dodge techniques of any kind much easier.

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