Endou, Dovian's Custom Resurreccion

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Endou, Dovian's Custom Resurreccion

Post  EvolutionMe on Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:18 pm

Name: El Rey León

Call: Rugido, El Rey León

Sealed Appearance:

When Dovian's Leon is in it's sealed state, it appears to be a standard sword. The hilt is made up of a completely black material that is covered in a deep turquoise coloured material with various diamonds shapes cut into it. The guard of the blade is shaped like a square with another square cut into it. Along each of the corners is a circle that appears to have actually combined with the square's corners. Upon the very tip of the hilt is a silver chain that is attached to the peen block of the sword. It is normally tied around Dovian's right wrist to avoid seperation. The sheathe of the sword is a rather basic sheathe, having nothing special to it except from it's distinct shiny tone and a similar fabric to the hilt being tied upon the very tip, just next to were the sword is drawn.
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First Release Appearance:

When Dovian enters his first release, his hair grows out and becomes a wild mess. His face is completely covered up, revealing nothing but a cold, bone-like mask that resembles a Hollow's mask. A set of horns are attached to his mask. His torso is protected with a thin layer of bone-like armour that again, resembles that of a Hollow, however, this piece of armour is barely visible as it appears to just be a part of his skin, the transformation as a whole resembling various parts of his Vasto Lorde form. His arms are also plated with the same bone-like armour, stretching out all the way towards his claws. The same thing occurs with his legs, apart from the armour actually starts from the knees down. His eyes become a bright yellow colour, his appearance seems suited for Hakuda styled combat, along with various others.
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]


Garras Negras: This technique is used with Dovian's claws, either the ones on his feet or the ones upon his hands. The main basis of this attack is to actually shred up the Reiatsu based attacks by actually cutting them with his claws. Upon doing so, Dovian is able to absorb the attack and stop it, adding 50% of the attacks original power into his claws for two whole turns. These claws also effect melee based Reiatsu fighters. If Dovian can actually cut the attack of now simply depends on RP level and OOC level, the higher they are compared to him, the less his chances are when it comes to shredding up the attack. Once the two turns are up, the energy he has absorbed completely vanishes.

Madrudaga Negra: Using his claws, Dovian can quickly swipe at the air, creating a pulse of energy that flies towards his opponent at intense speeds. As it stands, Dovian could probably cut through a small building with this simple attack, however, if Dovian has recently used Garras Negras to absorb a Reiatsu attack, he is capable of using 25% of that power that he holds for two turns within this attack.

Leon Negro: Very much like Madrudaga Negra except Dovian swipes diagonally upwards in each direction.The two swipes of energy remain still within the air as Dovian slowly let's his mask split, revealing his face. A killer trump card. His mouth slowly opens up a a black orb of energy begins to charge up within it, creating a vast amount of winds around Dovian. In total, the attack itself takes about three seconds to charge up and can be fire off from either side of the swipes. As soon as Dovian is read, he unleashed a beam of energy that runs straight through the swipes of energy, allowing themselves to spin around the beam, adding to it's power. This technique has the power to completely disintergrate someone who is either weaker than him or has already sustained to many injuries to go on. On someone who is completely healthy, it can cause very fatal injuries depending on how strong the person is compared to Dovian himself. This attack can also use 25% of the energy absorbed from Garras Negras.

Strike Speed + 2
Strike Power + 2
Agility + 2
Hierro + 2
Reaction Time + 2

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Re: Endou, Dovian's Custom Resurreccion

Post  Ferin on Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:26 pm

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