Zanpakutou Application Outline 2014

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Zanpakutou Application Outline 2014

Post  darklady5 on Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:16 pm

Name: The Name of your Zanpakutou

Call: The call for your release

Sealed Appearance: A description of your zanpakutou's sealed appearance. May include links to images.

Shikai Appearance: A description of the process of unsealing into your shikai and shikai appearance. May include links to images.


You may have up to three abilities for shikai. Please include a name, description, and type of ability. The options include Reiatsu Projectile, Strength Based, Speed Based, and Technology. Keep in mind that you only have ten custom slots, and shikai and bankai each take up one, as well as each of their abilities having their own custom slot. This means that if you have three abilities for shikai and three for bankai, you have already used up eight of your available ten slots.


You have an available 8 passive points to apply, though you may use less. No more then 3 passives may be applied to one area. You can apply these passives to anything you wish, including existing passive abilities in game or what not. You may also write up a custom passive type thing, such as hakudo points being transferred to zanjutsu when in shikai, and so on. Here is an example:

Kido: +3
Hado: +3
Agility: +2

Bankai applications are pretty much the same format, including the limits for passives as you get another eight bonus points. This is only the Shinigami application, although Arrancar may use this same format for resurrection applications, including the passive limit.

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Re: Zanpakutou Application Outline 2014

Post  Ferin on Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:07 pm

locked. Will keep thread bumped as a resource.
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