Shade Genkai's resurreccion

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Shade Genkai's resurreccion

Post  Shade Genkai on Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:40 am

Zanpakutou Name: Yoru no Kodokuna (Night's Solitude)

Zanpakutou Call: Return.

Resurreccion type: Close/Long range

Resurreccion appearance: Black dragon wings made of reiryoku shoot from Shade's back and cover his body, after only a second the wings snap open revealing Shade in his resurreccion. From his chest down to his midsection. Shade's body is covered in a thick bone like armor, the armor stops at his shoulders and begins again at his forearms, covering his hands and forming sharp claw like gauntlets, the area from the bridge of his nose down to his neck is also covered in armor plating, as well as the area from his knee's down to his ankles. The joints of the armor are outlined in a crimson red that matches Shade's eyes.

Resurreccion Abilities:

Tsume (Claws): Shade's, now gauntleted, hands are covered in a pitch black reiatsu that take on the shape of dragon claws, the reiatsu is extremely compressed and act like claws. Because these claws are made of Shade's reiatsu he can alter them in various ways, including the length of them and how much reiatsu is in them, the more reiatsu he concentrates on the claws the more powerful the striking force and the sharper they are, the reiatsu making the claws feels vastly different than regular hollow reiatsu, or reiatsu at all feeling akin to a void of nothingness if sensed.

Makikomu Yami (Engulfing Darkness): The reiatsu that cover's Shade's claws has the ability to absorb reiatsu/reiryoku based attacks that are fired at him, this ability works in conjunction with Tsume, if Tsume isn't active then this ability can't be used, the absorbed reiatsu cannot be converted to be used for Shade's own power as it is negated upon absorption by the effects of Shade's reiatsu. This ability does not work if the attack that is being fired is fired by a person that has atleast 50% more reiatsu than Shade

Resurreccion Passives:
Enhanced Speed: In his resurreccion Shade's speed is increased to the point of being able to leave an afterimage trail with normal movements, his sonido speed is also enhanced to a higher level.(Agility + 2 and Sonido +1)

Enhanced Strength: In his resurreccion Shade's strength is enhanced to the point of being able to strike an arrancar and damage them through their hierro.(Hakudo passives +2)

Enhanced Perception: Some of the Reiatsu flowing through his body, along with increasing his physical abilities, increase the sharpness and accuracy of all of Shade's senses, with this he is able to discern attacks much more quickly and thus is able to make counterattack plans much easier. (Reaction speed +2)

Non release skills
Skills that Shade can use whether he is in his released state or not.

Phantom Step: A sustainable high speed movement technique that allows Shade to travel fast enough for his body to become a solid blur, able to be used continuously for short periods of time and is slightly slower than a regular sonido.

Black Kimono: The sleeves of the kimono Shade wears acts as a wearable version of hierro (7/10), the fabric itself was sewn from the dead hide of a hollow that was converted into thread, only the sleeves retain the hardness of it's skin though as they were sewn using a different method compared to the rest of the clothing.

Shade Genkai
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Re: Shade Genkai's resurreccion

Post  Ferin on Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:16 pm

Approved including sealed items.
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