Dante's Custom Resurreccion

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Dante's Custom Resurreccion

Post  Vazaer on Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:50 am

IGN and Key: Dante Zacarias (Vazaer)

Resurreccion Name: Hanketsu (Judgement)

Resurreccion Call:  Help me deem those unworthy

Resurreccion type: Zanjutsu/Mid Range

Resurreccion appearance: Dante's height increases dramatically to about seven feet with his hair getting longer and wild looking. His body turns white and black with the white being around his neck and going down to his hips then forming a line around.  Large bone like plates form around his knees and shoulders along with his eyes loosing there pupil and iris just being blankly white along with his canines becoming more pointed to resemble a wolfs. His hands/fingers become very long and slender. His Zanpakuto splits then turns into two jagged, long blades that appear to only be sharp on one side.
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Resurreccion Abilities:

Lluvia De Metal(Metal Rain): Pointing one of his blades at someone thousand of metal shards would shoot out and could be easily maneuvered around just by moving the blade and aiming at its target in a moderately wide beam.

Ola metálic(Metallic Wave): The shards of metal that have already been shot out our if needed to be brought from his blades activate and can be maneuvered around to be used as an attack our shield similar to Byakuya.

Granizada(Hailstorm): Dante raises the two blades up and crosses them in an X as they break off into millions of shards and hover in the air and on the command will rain down from the air in a large radius.

Resurreccion Passives:

Increased regeneration: In his Resurreccion state/ more hollowed his regeneration is increased. (+2 High Speed regeneration)(+1 Hierro)

Increased Agility: When in his Resurreccion his high and body typed is changed drastically increasing his agility. (+3 Agility and +2 Reaction time)

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Re: Dante's Custom Resurreccion

Post  darklady5 on Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:48 am


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