Quincy Information - Important As Of 2014 Wipe!

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Quincy Information - Important As Of 2014 Wipe!

Post  ScarfAssassin on Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:29 am

1: New Quincies will have basic knowledge of their abilities, And know about gathering Reishi from the air on earth.

2:It is common knowledge that the base of operations for the Quincy is south of the main square on earth (the spawn), It is in the building down there.

3:You will need to get Ginto shells and fill them with Reishi in order to use the Ginto techniques, No, You can't just 'lolhave' Ginto shells to use techniques like Sprenger, Ect.

4:Bow-Level will effect how powerful your arrows are. The stronger your bow, The stronger the arrows you can create.

5:Forget this. Actually possible with a certain level of your bow. (Whole custom arrow topic. Figured it'd give Quincy a tiny bit of versatility.)

6:Your superior's word is law, You are never to disobey it. This can only be disregarded if you are being order to kill someone, Which leads to rule number 7.

7:My character does not like killing people, Simply put, The Quincy's will incapacitate any human, shinigami, or fullbringer opponents. Hollows are free to kill, As they generally go back to Hueco Mundo.

8:If you act on your own accord, You will be seen as an outcast and will not be allowed to enter the main base of operations for the quincy. If you choose to do so after being labelled as an outcast expect injury or in the worst case scenario, We will leave you crippled for life.

Subject to change, Just a rough sketch of rules.

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