Karazu's custom fullbring

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Karazu's custom fullbring

Post  ArmyRangers on Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:31 pm

Object: A dark onyx ruby ring.


First Release: His arms begin to form a really hard white substance stronger then bone and rock substance making it so where his destructive power would be incredible as well as his strength.

Second Release: A cloak of dark reaitsu would coat his body. A reapers cloak would cover him head to toe. This reaitsu would act like a shield shielding his own body from multiple attacks reaitsu and and physical.  Leaving him unable to be dected by others.

Final Release: He becomes a full reaper his body would morph completely into a really hard white substance stronger then bone and rock His ability to detect and hunt out enemies through sensing little to no spiritual pressure. His strength and speed are amplified while in this state being able to cut down nearly anything and everything in his path. a scythe appears in his hands

Fullbring Ablilites:

Hunter: allows Karazu the ability to lock on the spirtual pressure of anyone(hollow or human) and find its location no matter what his body will instincitvely move to find the source of the energy enabling him to hunt down his target

Reap: Allows Karazu to devour the reaitsu of his enemy and make it his own adding to his own power. The way this ability would work is through him cutting a piece of flesh off and devouring the spiritual energy inside.

Fullbring Mastered ability:

Judgement: allows Karazu when he cuts his enemies with his scythe to absorb their spiritual energy but the real damage lies in once facing an open wound their own reiatsu will begin to leave their own body at rapid rates. The rate would depend on the cut itself. The bigger the wound the more reaitsu that would escape.  

+3 bringer light
+3 Sword speed
+2 strike speed

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