Tobi's Shikai

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Tobi's Shikai

Post  darklady5 on Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:24 am

Name: Ookabisaru

Call: Fall into... decay... Ookabissssaru...

Sealed Appearance: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
A wicked looking blade with a spiked handle and often wrapped in bloodied bandages. These bandages are useful for keeping the blade close when not in hand by wrapping around the users own hand. It seems that no matter how often the bandages are cut, there is always plenty.

Shikai Appearance: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
The bandages wrap around the blade and hand of the user, continuing to writher wildly in a snakelike manner, surrounding the upper body. When it finally comes to rest, the arm from wrist to shoulder appears much like the handle of the original blade, with thorns sticking out, and a strong carapace like layer underneath that wraps around her neck and eye on one side, and extending over the hand in wickedly sharp looking claws.

The carapace that covers her left side from the waist to jaw is strong, equivilant to a rank 3 hierro.

Fuhai Tatchi (Rot Touch) - Touching anything with the claws from the wrist down causes it to slowly rot and decay. Organic materials rot faster then inorganic, and when not in contact begins to slowly heal again. The pain of having ones flesh rot is said to be extraordinarily painful. (Effects on organic materials begin immediately and would take a full 3 posts to rot through a pound of meat. Effects on inorganic material do not take effect the first post. After losing contact with an organic material, one post will pass before it begins to heal on its own. Inorganic materials do not heal.)

Aitorakkingu (Tracking Eyes) - By drawing blood with her claw, she can absorb a fraction of reiatsu from an opponent and store it in her 'eye'. So long as she stays in Shikai form she can track this opponents reiatsu no matter how low it is, or environmental elements (hiding in a bush, blackouts, etc) she will be able to see it. However this eye is fragile, and can only store one reiatsu signature at a time. Blood that is older then two hours and not properly preserved cannot be used for this tactic. If even a trainee with a bokken hits this eye, it will crack, leaving her blind in one eye.


Zanjutsu Based passives become Hakuda passives.

+2 to Strike Power
+2 to Strike Speed
+2 to Reaction Time

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Re: Tobi's Shikai

Post  Maxdax222 on Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:51 am

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