Endou, Dovian's Custom Fullbring

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Endou, Dovian's Custom Fullbring

Post  EvolutionMe on Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:42 pm

Fullbring Name: Tenkuu Otoshi

Fullbring Appearance:

Tenkuu Otoshi, at first, appears to be a simple bracelet residing upon Dovian's wrist. It's deep blue beads dangle ever so gently around the oak-brown string they so dearly latch onto. It's a tight fit. A fit that seems to be specially made for Dovian. The fit was so perfect it seemed like it was actually part of Dovian's very own body. However, within these so said beads, lies various faces. All of them painted on with a delicate touch. This is obviously a very crucial item to Dovian.

Upon activation, the beads seem to let out a rather sinister, demonic laugh. Their ever essence is stretched out in the air, the various faces creating somewhat of a brief illusion behind Dovian himself before completely shattering into various pieces of dust. The demonic laugh however doesn't leave the air until all the particles rush in violently, gathering around Dovian's arm quickly. Without further notice a sword materializes within Dovian's very own hands. Dovian's sword is then engulfed in a distant energy, causing it's colour to alter slightly. It grows into what seems to be a deep matte-black colour, although it with it is a rather menacing shine. The blade is completely black, from tip to hilt.

Along with the new weapon, two angel like wings sprout outwards from Dovian's back, however, rather than looking like your typical angel wings, they come in a deep black shade, much like the sword. The feathers upon the wings are ruffled and have obviously endure a lot.

Fullbring Abilities:

Dark Slash: This is a fairly basic attribute that comes along with the sword. It may seem like a basic attack from purely sight but it has a rather strong impact behind it. Dovian simply slashed his sword through the air, creating a ripple of darkness that flies through the air towards his opponent. This technique packs a punch, as mentioned before and acts as a distant sword slash, however it moves at a quicker pace and it's power is amplified ever so slightly so that upon impact, a cloud of darkness ignites around the victim, causing a brief second of temporary blindness.

Angelic Shield: Dovian's wings spread out violently, allowing them to bask in their full glory and power. Upon doing so, a Dark, shadow-like shield materializes before himself. It's power depends on the users own Reiatsu. It is a basic defensive technique which protects Dovian from either close combat or long-ranges combat. However, this does take a brief moment to actually create and only provides Dovian cover depending on where he is facing.

Mastered Fullbring abilities:

Eternal Redemption: This ability is by far one of Dovian's strongest abilities. Dovian quickly pushed his sword into the ground, allowing it to be completely consumed by his own shadow. The shadows around him and his opponent, {Excluding his and the Opponents shadow} begin to waver ever so slightly. Their forms begin to alter as they begin to draw in towards Dovian. This process takes a long amount of time, ten minutes at the most. Once the shadows have been gathered up within Dovian's right hand, Dovian is allowed to use them in a sort of manipulative way. As long as he doesn't run out of shadows, Dovian is able to form various objects to his advantage and hurl them towards his opponent. Or he could simply create a item that could be used for close combat. These items are above your ordinary item and deal quite alot of damage.

Passives(First & Second Forms):

Bringer Light + 3
Sword Speed + 3
Sword Technique + 1
Reaction Time + 1


Bringer Light + 2
Sword Speed + 2
Reaction Time + 2
Agility + 1
Sword Power + 1

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Re: Endou, Dovian's Custom Fullbring

Post  Toshi on Sun Feb 16, 2014 7:11 pm

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