Sagarai, Akenji

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Sagarai, Akenji

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Full name: Akenji
Taken names: Sagarai
Age: 19
Origin Place: Rukongai, District 51


Akenji is of average height. He isn't very tall and isn't very short, standing at 5'11". His weight doesn't exceed 68 kilograms (150 lbs). His body is fit, muscular, but also scarred in multiple places, including his arm, chest and back. All of these were signs that he has been in a few battles in his life, despite only having been accepted in the Shinigami Academy at the age of nineteen, due to not passing the entry test the first two times.

Background History:

Akenji comes from Rukongai, the fifty-first district. It is known that the higher the number of the district, the harsher "living" conditions are, even for souls. The fifty-first district applied to that rule - it was a district filled with ruthless fighter. It was known for having an arena in which combatants could prove themselves in a battle for their lives, the prize being food and renown.

Not many young souls survive in the fifty-first district. Akenji was lucky to be taken in by an old soul who had some combat experience, even though he was very mysterious. He only went by the name Sagarai and helped raise Akenji. Despite wishing to keep Akenji from fighting, Sagarai knew that Akenji would not survive in the harsh enviorment that he was born in. As such, he decided to train Akenji as much as he could. Before they could finish their training, Sagarai was killed by lowly thugs, stealing all of his supplies and katana. Enraged, Akenji started looking for the thugs, seeking revenge.

In his quest for revenge, Akenji fought with many strong fighters throughout Rukongai. From bar fights to street fights, he slowly started making renown for himself. By the age of fiteen, he already had a few scars on his body, as well as quite a renown in the fifty first district - whether that was good or bad, he couldn't tell. He had finally heard about the thugs he was looking for. It seems they had become quite strong since last he heard of them and as such, their leader was named Champion of the Arena. Akenji entered the arena as a masked combatant. He raised up in the ranks and finally, was able to face the champion in fair combat. Taking off his mask, the thug would mock him, not even remembering his face, despite their meeting being cut short by Sagarai. He used the same sword as before, which was a sharp, double edged sword. At this time, Akenji used a katana which he had trained with and, after a long, bloody battle, Akenji would win in the arena. Taking his teacher's, his friend - his father's sword, he turned on his heel and left District 51 for good. He took the name Sagarai, Akenji and kept looking for a purpose ever since.

He enrolled in the Shinigami academy at the age of nineteen. His battle experience gave him an edge over the other trainees, but he wasn't very sharp when it came to tests and quizes. As such, he had failed the entry exam twice before he would be accepted.


Akenji is ruthless and cocky. He overestimates himself and often underestimates his opponents. Still, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a soft side. He likes to lay on his back in the grass and watch the blue sky of Soul Society. He usually takes a very laid back attitude when nothing else is required, enjoying even the most quiet of moments.

Fighting Style

Rash and unrefined, he swings his blade with force and speed. Most of his skill comes from experience, not training. As such, he doesn't know any points of the body to focus on, mainly taking the attitude of "cut it until it dies" during combat.

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