Jakard's Release, Seishin no Taihou

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Jakard's Release, Seishin no Taihou

Post  Logananthony on Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:49 pm

Zanpakuto name: Seishin no Taihou (The Spirit Cannon)

Shikai Call: Obliterate

Shikai Type: Kido

Unreleased Appearance: The Captain Commander's blade is smaller then one would believe it to be, more suitable for close quarter's combat then actual sword'splay. The sheath is a snow white, whilst the handle is a deep, dark green, wrapping around in a traditional tanto like pattern, creating multiple black diamond shapes.

Shikai Appearance: After a large spike in spiritual energy, and a puff of black smoke, Jakard is revealed, his ordinary Shihakushou ripped on his right arm, a large, black cannon mounted on his shoulder, running down his arm. On his left, a black glove with a large blue half-orb right above the backside of the hand. Running along the cannon is small concave lines, but we'll get to those later.

Shikai Abilities

Bura Suto (Pressure Blast)
Focusing his Reiatsu into the cannon, Jakard fires a blast or a beam (depending on charge time) of raw spiritual energy at his opponent, similar to a Cero, or a Bala. This is the bread and butter of the Shikai, and will more then likely be what he uses most.

Kixyuushuugantoretto (Absorbing Gauntlet)
The gauntlet on Captain Commander's arm isn't just for show. It's highly durable, and he's able to use it like a shield, for both Reiryoku and physical force. If Reiryoku of some kind touches the gauntlet, it gets absorbed and placed into the blue half-orb on top of the glove, causing it to glow brighter the more spiritual energy is placed into it. If he touches his cannon with it, the cannon gets a momentary boost in power, based on how much power was absorbed into the gauntlet.

Saishuutekina Seishin no Bakuhatsu (Final Spirit Blast)
Rooting himself in place, this is the cannon's strongest technique by far. Once he's rooted into place, he begins to draw in reiryoku from his surroundings. After a significant span of time(Two to Four rounds of RP), he lets loose a devastatingly powerful technique, slightly more powerful then a Gran Ray Cero.


Kido Enhancement: Projectile based Kido is stronger then it would normally be. (Examples being Shakkahoe, Raikoho, etc.)

Hado + 3
Reaction Time + 2
Taijutsu + 2
Bakudo + 1

W.I.P (Will be posted near achievement.)

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Re: Jakard's Release, Seishin no Taihou

Post  darklady5 on Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:14 pm


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