Yuzuru's Xcution leader application

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Yuzuru's Xcution leader application

Post  Shukada on Tue Feb 11, 2014 1:15 am

[Name] Shaun (IC Name will be : Yuzuru)

[Key] Shukada

[Age] 15

[Level of Education] High School Level

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] I have a pretty great experience with role playing in general, not a lot in bleach but in total of all role play it would be around a year or two.

[Previous figure positions] None.

Your objectives this wipe : My whole objective for this wipe is to create and interesting enemy and ally as well as great role play. In no way will I go all bloodthirsty and kill without no purpose, and my men should also not to that as well. However, in war there will be much killing and things like this, due to the whole plan surficing at the end. Hopefully I get accepted and create interesting role play. :3

Week 1 : My first week of Xcution leader, i'd plan on attempting to greet myself to the other races leaders, attempting to meet and/or create alliances or enemies to build the role play. This all of course if everything goes as planned. Once this is done, i'd continue training with the members of the organization getting them ready for fights and such.

Week 2 : My second week would be building bonds with those who've accepted my presence, and most likely lightly attack those who still deny our existence. We plan to be the higher-powered race of this wipe or are going to at least try to. I'd also continue training the members of the organization once more.

Week 3 : This week I will continue training my men, then continue building bonds with alliances. If this continues on, I will declare war towards those who want to act against us. If anyone attacks, we won't react lightly. At any cost we will crush our enemies. For those who partner with us, they will have much better of a time than the rest.

Week 4 : This week, I will continue preparing for war by training and preparing defenses. I will begin to strike in the middle of the week, perhaps complication in the middle of alliances? Xcution will be thirsty for power at this point, aiming to take down whatever is in it's path. If for some reason they are teamed on, they will start a world war, dividing all organizations by spreading rumors and information.

Final Week : I will try to end the war this week in victory of Xcution, turning on alliances and attacking them. If all goes successful, Xcution will have full rule on the living and dead. They will come and please as they want in any area they please. This ending is all depending on IC circumstances as well as the other weeks, but these are our initial plans and such.

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