Quincy Empress Application ~

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Quincy Empress Application ~

Post  ZGunnerX on Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:49 am

[Name] Keillie Zakaiv



[Level of Education]High School Student

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] I only have the time I've been on BOR and that's not very long. But I have been role-playing for quite a while and writing for longer.

[Previous figure positions]None

Your objectives this wipe :I will keep this vague for the sake of time and to prevent any meatpacking that may occur. I plan to deviate from the basic Shinnigami V Quincy deal and base those relations as well as relations with other factions off of pure IC development. Hopefully this will give those whom. Choose to be a Quincy a good amount of role play as well as give good role play to other factions. The only faction I can say Quincy would be unable to work with are the Hollows seeing how they feed off of human souls and such.

I would also be hoping to set up a base for the Quincy in both Sereitei and on earth thought this would be taken from a more IC stance when the time comes.

[Not sure if this still applies seeing how from what my knowledge is there isn't going to be another wipe. Either way I will give a very basic outline of my goals though. They will be short and vague to prevent metagaming]

Week 1 :Basic organization and development of a Quincy hierarchy and training of the masses on reishi manipulation and aid in development of technology and spirit weapons would occur. As well as this I would most likely be attempting to create alliances with the other leaders of factions as is ICly found fit.

Week 2 : After organization and development would comes the beginning of developing base of operations on earth as well as Seireitei as well.(again if it is possible) Hopefully at this time a majority of the Quincy would be better equips in exterminating Hollows or even quite possible aiding the Shinnigami in subduing them depending on the IC circumstances.

Week 3 :By then hopefully alliances would be created and enemies would be forged which would give way to planning attacks on enemy strong points as well as more development in technology and basic or advanced Quincy skills by the masses.

Week 4 : I would begin focusing on the Hollows if they had not already become big enough a problem to alter previous plans. After things are set up correctly and Quincy are best equips for the task more aggressive extermination of Hollows would begin. Hopefully leading to an invasion of the Hueco Mundo.

Final Week : Hopefully afterwards I would lead the Quincy to forming a stronghold in Hueco Mundo as well as aiding allies in their endeavours as well as fighting threats that should decide to surface.

{Again this could all change depending on occurrences ICly obviously}

[Please do forgive me for any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors or lack of steady content. I am currently typing this up on a tablet at 2 am and am trying to give a basic idea of what would happen if I was chosen to play this figure. Hopefully my divergence ,or what I hope to be one, from the linear path of the Quincy is acceptable and would be able to come into fruitation.Thank You and please give me feedback if possible.]

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