Shade Genkai's Arrancar Leader Application

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Shade Genkai's Arrancar Leader Application

Post  Shade Genkai on Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:07 am

Shade Genkai
[Level of Education]
college student
[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]
Two at most

[Previous figure positions]
Espada twice, other than that no major figures

Your objectives this wipe : Turn earth into a feeding ground for hollows and groom arrancars that still possess hollow hunger and hollows that are in my legion to hunt for souls that are transforming into hollows to devour as well as devouring hollows on earth that are not  apart of my army. Make other races see my point of views on hollows and attempt to convince them to join my cause and to accept the presence of my hollows on earth.

Week 1 : Establish a baseline of loyal hollows to train towards the highest level of evolution and then turn into arrancar, as well as establish Espada Commanders and the highest levels of my Espada, as well as the 4-10 if I have enough arrancars, I doubt I will though.

Week 2 :  Completely flesh out my Espada and begin teaching them what it truly means to be an arrancar if they haven't already figured it out and making sure that they absolutely understand my rules of devouring as well as training them towards resurreccion.

Week 3 : Make my hollows/arrancars presence known on earth, if they aren't already, as well as creating partnerships with other races on earth that understand my views on hollow devouring and the presence of hollows in the natural balance.

Week 4 : Make the hollow presence on earth even more known and show any enemies of my ideals that they can either conform to my ways, stay out of my legions way, or die. This will be the week that contains the most violence if things have gone peacefully with my plans so far.

Final Week : Complete the forming of a hollow base on earth as well as placing my more trusted Espada and one Espada commander in the base to oversee operations, continue destroying any group that defies my ways as well as convincing others that the presence of hollows is completely natural.

Shade Genkai
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