Blaine's Shinji application

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Blaine's Shinji application

Post  DTFMagic on Mon Feb 10, 2014 5:39 am

Yasuo, Takakujo



[Level of Education]

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]
1 year

[Previous figure positions]

Your objectives this wipe :
To create interesting RP and to make the Vaizards, elite. My plan is to create RP within Soul Society for quite some time building my very first Vaizards and after we will establish ourselves and begin being independent of Soul Society. Looking further ahead our goal is to achieve power but to keep it to ourselves, this means the invention of items if possible and various other things.
(Please note that I'm being vague in this application to prevent metagame.)

Week 1 :
During week one my character would be staking out Soul Society for those that he deems worthy to join the Vaizard ranks and also those that hold potential but aren't quite there yet, once he gets his first few he probably would end up keeping tabs on the potentials but not as closely as before since he has the current people to train and such. After they leave Soul Society we would establish ourselves on earth and begin to communicate with the others, seeing who would be friendly and who would not.

Week 2 :
During week two the Vaizards and I would continue training and helping out our allies if we have any, if not we would probably be running routine training operations on earth and hopefully taking down a few hollows in the process. The goals for this week are to get the Vaizard as strong as possible and get their mask time increased as that would be their major strength after all.

Week 3 :
In week three if I find anymore Vaizard recruits I would designate one of the more senior Vaizards to train them while the rest and possibly him and the others if needed began to interact with all of the other races available while also making time for training. This is where the true RP making begins as each Vaizard acts on his own to a point, they don't have to like the other people they just have to tolerate them enough to fight with them, however if they get out of line then they will be punished accordingly.

Week 4 :
During week four we would continue our regiment from week three and whatever changes happen we would adjust accordingly, continuing to make as much RP as possible during the week as we try to all weeks. Going through our allies and training with them and combating our enemies if they show up, just the general stuff.

Final Week :
The final week would be to continue looking for recruits and training them as well as ourselves, by this point I assume at least one or two Vaizards have died so it's only right to replace them, once we find where we stand from previous weeks we would continue to RP accordingly and create as much RP as possible.

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