Saso's Custom - Kaori O Shōtai

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Saso's Custom - Kaori O Shōtai

Post  darklady5 on Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:01 am

Skill Type : Reiatsu Projectile
Skill Name : Kaori O Shōtai
Skill Description: Through the manipulation of her own reiatsu Saso can emit a pheromone undetectable by human, Shinigami or Hollow senses. Depending on the type of pheromone emitted, a specific species of insects can be drawn and controlled in a horde. Depending on the type of insect, a variety of situations can be inflicted. (All insects and their abilities must be real life or canon, or otherwise pre-approved in this forum, and carried on her person in a container in order to be utilized.)

List of Unique/Modified insects to be approved:

Dermestidae Beetle

This family of beetles are normally used to clean the flesh and tissue from a dead carcass by human scientists, but Saso has modified this breed to feast off living flesh when under her Kaori technique.

Garden Tiger Moth

Ordinarily the venom in their blood is unable to conciously be drawn, but this modified species can 'vomit' their blood. When in contact with flesh the flesh begins to itch, and when in contact with sensitive areas like eyes and such the burning will be extremely painful, and cause vision to blur. It will also cause swelling, and ingesting a moth will cause ones throat to swell, and if left untreated will cause the victim to begin suffocating due to their throat swelling to the point of not allowing air to pass.

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Re: Saso's Custom - Kaori O Shōtai

Post  MasterSpectra on Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:08 am

Approved, you sadist.

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