Sombra's Shunko

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Sombra's Shunko

Post  Niquolas12 on Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:53 pm

Skill Type : Strength Based
Skill Name : Shunko
Skill Description : An advanced technique which combines Hakuda with Kido. This technique surrounds his back and arms with pressurized Kido based on the element of lightning. The keisen uniform has no torso because they will rip apart when it is activated. Apart from enhancing his arms and legs for combat, the technique allows him to instantly neutralize an opponent's movement. The Kido itself can be controlled and fired at opponents from her body, which creates massive explosions. Sombra's version of the technique was developed and studied by himself after being taught by Delphino; therefore, the technique is complete and the compressed Kido is visible. While using this technique, his Reiatsu takes the form of purple lightning.

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