Gemini Lovers

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Gemini Lovers

Post  Kinsuke on Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:34 pm

Technique Name:
Jemini· ravu~āzu
(Gemini Lovers)
Technique Type: Supplementary

Technique Mastery Level: Mastered

Technique Description: The love held between these two characters is so powerful that it literally empowers them while they are in proximity of each other. During this time they do not only gain increased abilities, but they suffer from requirements that must be constantly met while in the presence of each other. The lovers have obtained a grand ability to almost completely cover each other's weaknesses while also utilizing their skills to enhance the strengths of each other. The proximity that must be maintained is within a 100 meter radius. If either member of the Gemini leave this area then all increases and decreases are immediately dropped and they return to their natural ability as if their lover was never around to begin with. The main requirement of this technique to be initiated is that they -must- be within the radius.

Passive Debilitation: Debilitation 1) The Gemini Lovers must defend each other from any harm. This is not an option, and they must do everything within their power to protect the other.
Debilitation 2) If a Gemini Lover ever makes an action that can break the bond between them.(I.E. Cheating) They will permanently lose access to this custom without any ability to retain it. This also means that the bond between both characters will be completely shattered and irreparable.
Debilitation 3)If a Gemini Lover attacks the other, the one being attacked cannot utilize lethal attacks against them. They must use all abilities they possess, non-lethal, to restrain the other and help them return to normal.
Debilitation 4) If a Gemini Lover is dealt a fatal blow the other must stay with them during their dying moments. This is the most important requirement that must be met, and missing that moment is capable of driving the other member to suicide.

Passive Improvements :

Shunpo + 1
Reaction Time +3
Agility + 2

Technique Requirements: RP level 30, Level 45, Long-term IC relationship

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Re: Gemini Lovers

Post  MasterSpectra on Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:34 pm


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