Skye's shikai

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Skye's shikai

Post  Skye45339 on Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:41 am

Shikai Name: Aiyame

Shikai Call: Blossom

Shikai Type: Kido/Manipulation

Shikai Description: Once the shikai has been activated, The handle of the Zanpakutou elongates and darkens out into a smooth staff hilt, the blade turning brilliant silver and ball shaped sits in the head of the staff which measures an overall 5 feet 10 inches high.

Shikai Abilities:

Obliteration Sigil- Creates an enclosed area around the user and target or several targets, the barrier is created from such strong reiryoku that it requires double the power of the caster to create even a small enough hole for one person to escape it. This means that if several targets team up utilizing their combined reiatsu in a unified attack that surpasses the reiatsu of Skye, they can create a temporary opening within the sigil to escape. The area cuts all inside off from the natural flow of spiritual energy making those inside undetectable to any form of tracking.

Spiritual Nexus- The ball inside the head of the staff has the ability to detach and move independently from the staff, allowing the user to cast kido onto the orb and fire them remotely from the orb anywhere inside of the Sigil. The kido fired can be given two different objectives, that must be chosen prior to them being fired. They can either increase in speed and lose half their power or they gain double power by losing half their speed.

Obliteration Collapse- At the cost of all remaining spiritual power, the sigil springs to life, chains constricting all hostile targets inside,then absorbing into their bodies breaking the sigil on the ground, either killing them if they are 2500 points oocly lower, or temporarily binding their ability to utilize spiritual energy for a while if on par or higher. If the gap in power is over 3000 there will be no huge effect upon the target. If the target has enough power to overwhelm the technique then they will find themselves bound within the chains until they are capable of breaking them. These bindings require physical strength and spiritual correction in order for them to break free of them.

Enhanced Spiritual Awareness - While in his Shikai, Skyes' ability to "sense" the spiritual energy and pressure around him, is increased fourfold.
Enhanced Spiritual Pressure - While in his Shikai, Skyes' spiritual pressure is increased enormously.
Enhanced Kido Proficiency- Bakudo +1 passive level, Hado +1 passive level, Kaido +1 passive level
435801magicalcircleforkokuhanebygaudifanyayd5ote3l.png sigil picYou don't have permission to download attachments.(241 Kb) Downloaded 3 times
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Re: Skye's shikai

Post  MasterSpectra on Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:34 pm


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