Shaun Ayamakai's custom Zanpakuto. (Updated)

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Shaun Ayamakai's custom Zanpakuto. (Updated)

Post  Magicpaper1337 on Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:25 pm

Shikai Name: Arashino Yabidashi

Shikai Description: Once saying the call, "Appear with roaring thunder, Arashino Yabidashi.", The sword will extend itself and become longer and wider. When it changes there are now spikes on both sides, on one side the spikes are getting bigger by bigger slightly as the sword gets bigger, on the other side the spikes aren't quite as big but they're there. The hilt will have a tint of blue in it, but it still has it's brown color to it. On both sides of the sword there is an engraved lightning bolt in the blade.

Shikai Custom Skills:

Kaminarino Kooto:

Once this is activated, the sword will be covered in pure lightning, this allows the user to have a sword that is highly durable to any attacks or resistant to most effects from pretty much everything, but it puts too much strain on the sword. This causes the sword to be less effective the longer it's used, which is why it is most advised to use for 2 turns or less. It also can only be used once a week, because of how much strain it gives to the sword. Prior to the effects, the effectiveness of the sword will go up when this skill isn't activated. This cannot be used with Tenbatsu they would cancel each other out, also the reiatsu drain from this thing is sort of immense.


When this is used, a highly concentrated, and highly powerful lightning bolt is shot out from the hilt of the sword. This can only be used once every 5 turns. If the target is hit however, the target will get shocked at about 250 volts for about a second. This can also pierce through certain objects, like wood and cardboard. This cannot be used with Kaminarino Kooto, they would cancel each other out. The reiatsu used when this is activated is quite a bit but not quite as much as Kaminarino Kooto.

Arashino Shukufuku:

The passive ability of the sword, which allows lightning or lightning like hado be used more efficiently, basically making them stronger or faster. The ability doesn't effect the reiatsu of the user, only when the hado are used. This ability doesn't actually effect Tenbatsu or Kaminarino Kooto. It is strictly meant for the lightning Hado to be stronger.

Shikai passive stats:

Agility: +1
Reaction Time: +2
Sword Speed: +1

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Re: Shaun Ayamakai's custom Zanpakuto. (Updated)

Post  MasterSpectra on Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:14 pm


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