Kinsuke's custom device

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Kinsuke's custom device

Post  Kinsuke on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:35 am

Technique Name: Seishin no ryūshi henkan sōchi
(Spirit Particle Conversion Device)

Technique Type: Technology

Technique Mastery Level: Impossible

Technique Description: The Spirit Particle Conversion Device is a nano-machine that must be placed inside the body to take affect. The device works on the molecular level by literally redesigning the very being. The being cannot be made of spirit particles for this to work otherwise it will have no effect since it is trying to convert spirit particles into spirit particles. Once inside the device merges itself with the molecules and begins to spread itself throughout their body. The nanites that are within the device begin to make copies of the DNA of the object and/or being in question. Once this process has been completed it activates a self-destruct mechanism within it which destroys the original design and body of the target. The target is not killed or harmed, but is very much aware that this has transpired, however, this happens so quickly that it is almost impossible to cease it once it has begun. In the end the machine will be completely destroyed and reduced to nonexistence after bringing the object and/or being back in the world of the mundane spirits.

Technique Requirements: RP level 25, Level 40, Squad 12 Captain(former or still)

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Re: Kinsuke's custom device

Post  MasterSpectra on Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:07 pm


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