Shade's Custom Segunda Etapa

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Shade's Custom Segunda Etapa

Post  Shade Genkai on Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:50 am

Segunda Etapa Name: Nisshoku no Kodokuna (Eclipse's Solitude)

Segunda Etapa Call: Deny the Dawn... Nisshoku no Kodokuna

Segunda Etapa appearance: All of the armor from Shade's resurreccion burst away from his body as dark reishi particles, the particles begin to flow around his body covering him in a torrent of darkness, after a second a long black katana blade would shoot out from the vortex and slash downward, causing the reishi to fade away and revealing Shade in his Segunda Etapa form.

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Segunda Etapa abilities:

Kyohi No Hakai (Denial of Destruction): This ability transfers the Makikomu Yami power of the Tsume into Shade's katana, giving it the same absorption ability that his claws had, because of his mastery and redesigning of the technique though there is a 25% boost to the absorption limit of the regular Makikomu Yami

Kyohi No Shibo (Denial of Death): This ability is an enhancement to Shade's High Speed Regeneration ability, further helping him heal from damage during battle.

Kyohi No yūi-sei (Denial of Dominance): This is also a transfer of the Makikomu Yami ability, except instead of absorbing attacks it absorbs the effect of an AOE ability, effectively nullifying it just as Kyohi No Hakai does with attacks.

Kyohi No Kyohi (Denial of Denial): This is a long range technique that allows Shade to slash out with a black wave of energy which is fired from his sword, the technique has the ability to cut through other spiritually based attacks as it is basically an offensive form of Makikomu Yami.

Segunda Etapa Passives

Enhanced Speed: In his Segunda Etapa Shade's speed is increased even more allowing his phantom step technique to have a speed greater than that of his regular Sonido and making his Sonido seem like instantaneous movement.(Agility and Sonido +3)

Reborn Technique: In his Segunda Etapa Shade's Hakuda passives are mirrored into his zanjutsu passives, allowing him to fight effectively with the sword he weilds in this released state.

Enhanced Perception: Some of the Reiatsu flowing through his body, along with increasing his physical abilities, increase the sharpness and accuracy of all of Shade's senses, with this he is able to discern attacks extremely quickly and thus is able to make counterattack plans much easier. (Reaction speed +3)

Regeneration Boost: Because of Kyohi No Shibo Shade's high speed regeneration abilities are enhanced because of the full release of his normally stored reiatsu, allowing more energy to be available for high speed regeneration (High Speed Regeneration +4)

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Re: Shade's Custom Segunda Etapa

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