Kaspar's Custom Spirit Weapon

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Kaspar's Custom Spirit Weapon

Post  Orthoc on Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:23 pm

Name: Apollos

Description: Knives made completely out of dense, swift-moving reishi.

Function: One day, Kaspar realized that he was the only one around without an original spirit weapon. And so, in the spirit of things, he decided he needed a booster - something to supplement his bow.

And thus, he created the Apollos.

These pair of daggers, similar to the Seele Schneider, are made purely of reishi, with the spirit particles on the edge of the weapon circulating even faster than the Seele Schneider. This gives them the ability to pierce through barriers both physical -and- spiritual, whether they been solid steel or kido barriers. Since these throwing knives are made purely out of reishi, an infinite number of them can be made - the only limit being Kaspar's own stamina. They may also be used in close combat, to a great extent.

The Apollos are based on the bow passives - speed, power, accuracy, and may also be used in close-combat, basing themselves off of the very same passives, simulating the zanjutsu passives.

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