Kinsuke's custom technique

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Kinsuke's custom technique

Post  Kinsuke on Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:20 pm

Technique Name:
Jikan idō
(Time Move)
Technique Type: Flash Step

Technique Mastery Level: Hardened

Technique Description: Jikan idō is an advanced flash step technique that must be utilized by a time altering technique. This technique is easiest to use for Kinsuke since it was made to work with his shikai/bankai. By decelerating the tachyons within the area directly around him he creates a from of slipstream. Within this slipstream state an array of every known color will surround Kinsuke and then pull him out of the Time area. During the duration of this technique Kinsuke is moving through the Time Holes in existence. This allows Kinsuke to seemingly appear instantaneously at a location within the barrier. In reality, this technique is just a well timed shunpo and the ability of Takion Iju being used with such mastery that the techniques intertwine.

Passive Debilitation: This technique is utilizing Takion Iju meaning that it cannot be used more than 5 times, counting the uses of Takion Iju. The overuse of this ability will result in death, and it does carry over to activating Bankai.

Technique Requirements: RP level 20, Level 20, Shunpo 10, Reaction Time 10, Agility 10, Time Altering Ability.

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