Angel no Sokkyo Visored Leader Application

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Angel no Sokkyo Visored Leader Application

Post  Shinze12 on Sat Jan 04, 2014 7:27 am

[Name] Angel no Sokkyo

[Key] Zuette

[Age] 19

[Level of Education] College

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] Two and a half.

[Previous figure positions] (From different games though.) CC, Urahara, Shinji, Vandenreich Leader(Recently), and Aizen

Your objectives this wipe : Basically create a group (5 max) of Visored. Although the catch is, I’m gonna make it so that we have the –hunger- of a hollow for souls. When we’re near a shinigami we have this urge to kill and devour the said shinigami. Of course, learning to control the mask further lessens this... but if you’re within a group of shinigami more than 4, you’d best get out unless you want to just eat someone’s face off.
Ii know what you’re thinking, “THAT’S CRAZY.” But that’s the whole point. It’ll get RP going and give my visored a more colourful personality. Some would probably be the good guys and just want to be alone most of the time, while some would actually want to prey on the shinigami. This makes RP active and dangerous once our threat has been revealed!

Week 1 : Observe possible candidates.

Week 2 : Start making the visored.

Week 3 : Contain them in a training facility so they can control their masks. After which they will be let loose to do what they want...

Week 4 : Let’s watch the horror of IC unfold! Very Happy

Final Week : Confront the CC and take over Seireitei because it’s fun! Very Happy

*Note: Everything that is mentioned here is only a plan. Of course, IC will be a BIG factor in the shifting of these. It’s still a Role Playing game, so who knows, maybe I might get allied with the CC or hell maybe I’d even kill my own visored. It’s a rollercoaster ride which will definitely be an interesting thing.

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