Byakuren's custom zapakuto application

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Byakuren's custom zapakuto application

Post  Kazuma on Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:20 pm

(Note: My forum account name is different than in game. My in-game name and character is Byakuren Shirogane.)

Zanpakutou Name: Magaranmyaku no Meian Ryuujin (Light and darkness dragon god of wicked chaos)

Zanpakutou Call: Bring eternal chaos and destruction to all creation and existence

Bankai Name: Sekigetsu Gensou no Eien Oukoku (Everlasting kingdom of the illusionary red moon)

Zanpakutou Type: Light, Darkness, Long Ranged

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 - Hisan'na Kuusou (Harrowing reverie): By slashing or swinging the released dual wielded Zanpakuto into the empty air, the user is able to release outwards spiritual energy from the blades in the form of a long bodied dragon without any limbs. With the right blade, the user can shoot out a jet black colored dragon with dark purple outlines at his opponent. With the left blade, a pure white shaded dragon can be hurled right at the opponent. Both blades do not have the ability and cannot fire off spiritual energy at the same time and cannot be combined, since the effect that takes place if the dragons are able to hit the opponent differ between the black and white one. The effect that the black dragon causes if said opponent is hit, is being able to sap away a certain small amount of spiritual energy from their opponent to add it to their own reiatsu pool, if the users reiatsu was drained in a battle in the first place. This comes with on top of blunt force damage, being able to knock back the opponent away if hit. The effect won't take place at all if the opposing person is simply too strong in both skills and reiatsu, nor will the dragon be able to damage them if that's the case. The white dragon's own effect is that once the target has been hit by it, it will be able to paralyze/stun the opponents body making them unable to move for a certain small amount of time. Although the time amount varies differently based on the power gap between the user and the opponent. The most seconds it can paralyze/stun the opponent is 30 seconds. The white dragon also is able to deal blunt force damage to the targeted person just like the black dragon.

Ability 2 - Ryuu Koutei no Kiba (Fangs of the dragon emperor): By holding out and gripping the hilt of both blades infront of them, the user let's both blades vanish into thin air, in it's place appearing a black and white small portal. The user commands with their hands the portals, to summon two long stretching out arms with very sharp claw like hands created from spiritual energy. The claws can be thrown forward at the users opponent, able to be moved around freely to try aim at and catch their opponent. The claws can either grab tightly on the target's body and sap away at their spiritual energy or slash and stab away at them causing cutting damage. The first option is exactly the same like in the first ability and the points and weaknesses are also the same.

Shikai Qualities:
The dual wielded twin Zanpakuto change completely in appearance, turning into two buster blades in the design that is shown exactly like above. A short row of chains are attached to the hilt of the buster blades, the Zanpakuto itself becoming much wider and taller in height, and would almost touch the ground if it would be carried on the users back. In Shikai both blades have a constantly surrounding and flowing aura that surge around the swords. One of the blades has a white colored aura and the other one a black colored aura surrounding it.
Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - Amakakeru Ryuushippuu (Soaring dragon gale): Standing straight up on their own place, then first slowly and then later on in a more quicker and faster way and motion spinning on the spot over and over again, t he user would gather up and raise their spiritual energy. The buster blades would glow black and white, leaking out reiatsu from them. As the user would spin around so fast that they became a blur, both shade of colors would mix together to create a grey colored big cylinder shaped like aura around him. The user would dash forwards off the ground, sending themselves flying towards the opponent having stopped spinning now. The aura that the user would give off would leave a long trail after them and the aura surrounding the users body itself would turn into a big sized gray colored dragon head with red glowing eyes. The gray dragon would together with the controlling user, phase and go right through the opponent, the user themselves appearing with great speed on the other side of the area. If the special attack would be successful and be able to clash and hit the target, they would be recieving slash/cut damage because of the spinning twin blades. After the dragon would have phased right through the target, it would cause automaticly a big explosion on the opponent's body to occur as an after effect.

Ability 2 - Corpse Swallower: Stabbing both buster swords on the ground, the blades would turn into black and white colored spiritual energy, combining together to shape into and summon into the battlefield a giant grey shaded dragon with two arms from the ground, only showing half of its body. Immediately at that moment a square shaped barrier would begin to form all around the user and their opponent, which excludes every single individual except them both inside it. The barrier is unbreachable and not enterable unless a person with great enough reiatsu and power is able to go inside it or break it. No single reiatsu can be detected from inside the barrier, nor can anything be heard from the location. Trapping the opponent now, the dragon would begin to charge up a sphere of reishi, needing and collecting spiritual energy from the user's own reiatsu pool. This is Byakuren's ace in the hole, ultimate technique and final attack. It is something to be only used as a last ditch effort since it drains absolutely all his reiatsu and physical energy after having executed it, leaving him open and vulnerable. As well as exhausting him to the point where he might not be able to move or even be knocked out. After having charged up infront of it's mouth the reishi orb, it would fire off a powerful, big and devastating grey reiatsu wave at the opponent, very similiar to that of a cero. If the opponent is too weak to go on or on the verge of death, they will be pulverized by the sheer force of the attack.

Ability 3 -

Bankai Qualities:
In bankai release, both of the buster blades now changes in appearance a bit once more, losing it's attached chains. They become even more broader in shape and also more taller in height once again, having grown to a size quite a bit taller than the user themselves. They take on the design that is shown above, with what seems to be strange unreadable ancient letters appearing and covering the surface of the blades.
Your own appearance (Optional)

Byakuren's appearance becomes just like what is shown in the picture above and is very accurate. His hairstyle or hair color does not change. The shinigami garments would all vanish and dissappear into thin air, in place of it he would wear a short sleeved shirt underneath. His sandals would change into black gothic boots, wearing a long trenchcoat on top of his shirt, a gauntlet would appear to be worn on his wrists. On the back of his trenchcoat the yin-yang balance sign would appear, also growing a pair of wings created out of spiritual energy, giving off the appearance similiar to that of an angel like being. Left wing is white, right wing is black.

Zanpakuto Passives

Enhanced Physical Strength: Byakuren's physical strength overall in his body increases by a certain amount. In bankai form it increases once more even further.
Enhanced Speed&Agility: He gains more speed and becomes more faster in not only movement but also reaction and attacking speed. His shunpo skills are temporarily increased in Shikai and Bankai form.
Enhanced Spritual Pressure: His spiritual pressure increases greatly, spiking up and making it hard for other individuals who are significiantly weaker than Byakuren. Anyone around him will feel the full force of the pressure and cause them to breathe heavily, notice their speed slowing down beacause of their bodies feeling heavy, if they're weak enough that is. It increases even further of course in bankai making it kind of troublesome for even equal spiritual power possesing opponents, surely intimidating them.

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