Giga Toshiro's Custom Technique (2)

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Giga Toshiro's Custom Technique (2)

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:40 pm

Technique Name: Toshiro Enhancement Technique: Cloud.

Technique Type: Enhancement.

Technique Mastery Level: Easy.

Technique Description: Cloud is a secret technique known only by the members of Toshiro family. It is a technique that forms around user's body like a cloud-like reiatsu and enhances user's physical attributes. This ability lasts for 2 RP turns.

Passive Enhancements: Strike Speed, Strike Power, Sword Speed, Sword Power, Agility, Reactiong Time - (+1 Below RP LVL 10, +2 Above RP LVL 10)

Technique Requirements: RP level 5.
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