Kenshin's Vollstandig

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Kenshin's Vollstandig

Post  Ferin on Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:52 pm

Vollstandig Name: Justice of God

Vollstandig Type: Enhancement. Passive boost.

Vollstandig appearance:
Kenshin's body is temporarily enveloped in a blinding blue light, and this shell of light expands and releases itself to be revealed as an elegant pair of wings. These solidify after a time, fully feathered, giving him the appearance of a true angel.

Vollstandig Abilities:

Supreme Passive Absorption: Depending on the strength of his opponent and the environment they are in, his leeching will slowly begin to steal from them. This is not noticeable when not engaged in combat, but the drain is proportionate to his opponent's power. 100% of what is leeched is added to Kenshin's own reserves.

River Styx: His blade, Charon, takes on a new appearance. The blade becomes a deep sanguine, and is now able to absorb reiatsu based attacks. These attacks must be immediately fired back or at another area, as Charon will be unable to utilize it's other functions in this state.

Enhanced Ginrei Kojaku: Kenshin's primary spirit weapon is enhanced further. Glowing more brightly and capable of firing more powerful spirit arrows than before.

Obvious passive boosts to all aspects as reiatsu is absorbed. Strength, and speed. Blut is unusable while in this vollstandig.
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