Kenshin's Custom Spirit Weapon

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Kenshin's Custom Spirit Weapon

Post  Ferin on Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:41 pm

Name: Charon

Description: A pure white katana, sheathed in an odd scabbard... It seems to be equipped with a pistol trigger upon it's sheathe, and is edged in synthesized quincy silver.

Function: It is not a replacement for his bow. Rather, it's another tool to be utilized in his arsenal. The pistol trigger upon the sheathe instantly fuses the silver edge of the blade with large amounts of reishi, firing the blade outward to create an arcing reishi infused slash. It will go off of the same stats as the bow, but apply to different aspects of it's use. It is 'extremely' durable, easily matching up to a fully released zanpakutou. Essentially, this will allow Kenshin the ability to fight from close range, as well as long range. Thus, eliminating gap closing as a 'viable' option for facing him. The extra speed added to the draw by the pistol grip would make his retaliation near instantaneous, and situationally, a hands free defense.

When being used, the bow passives are treated as zanjutsu passives. Power, speed, and technique.

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