Schald's Custom Resureccion.

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Schald's Custom Resureccion.

Post  SchaldAgress on Sat Dec 28, 2013 2:58 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Rey Diablo (Demon King)

Zanpakutou Call: Bring out the death,

Zanpakutou Type: Long ranged, defence, power.

Ressurection appearance:
Schald's appearance changes greatly, he equips a dark bone armor with a demonic skull-like helmet (Similar to Kurosaki Ichigo's hell form, but in black.). His zanpakuto vanishes as he equips a pair of gauntlents with razor sharp claws, pointing out from each finger.

Ressurection Abilities

Demonic Armor: The bone armor that Schald equips within this ability is not just for show, in order to replace his fragile and defenceless body, this armor is very durable and is a perfect replacement for a lack of hierro. It can withstand both reiatsu and physical attacks at a certain degree, that depends on difference in power.

Cero Interminable (Neveredning Cero, also known as Death Beam) - The sole offensive attack that this resureccion can offer, a powerful cero that is smaller than the original one but twice as fast. This cero will track it's target and is capable of changing it's trajectories in mid-flight (Quite like omega beam.), Schald may release two of these attacks at once but thats when it will become difficult as he controls them with his mind.

Ressurection Passives

Demonic Armor
In his ressurection, Schald equips a demonic armor, his durability greatly increases, along with his endurance. (+6 Hierro)

Enhanced Cero
In his ressurection, Schald's ability to use Cero/Bala is increased, it becomes more powerful and faster. (+2 Cero/Bala)

Enhanced Spiritual Pressure
In his ressurection, Schald's spiritual pressure is increased.

Enhanced Spiritual Awareness
In his ressurection, Schald's awareness is drastically increased, allowing him to sense people's movements without directly watching them.

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