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Hollow Guide and Rule set

Post  MasterSpectra on Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:00 am

OOC = Out Of Character
IC = In Character


If you choose to become a Hollow, you will, as everyone else, start out as a Weak Hollow, the lowest possible state of a Hollow. As you progress through Roleplaying, you will eventually start evolving;
Weak Hollow -> Strong Hollow -> Menos Class -> Adjuucha -> Vasto Lorde.


There is many ways to progress as a Hollow, one could be to simply take your time to solo roleplay, which means you make up a story of your own (Legitimates one are the only ones that get rewarded.). You can also travel to Earth with the usage of Garganta, allowing you to roleplay with Spiritual Aware humans, albeit at your own risk seeing as they might decide to slay you. As a starter Hollow you're meant as Fodder, meaning even if you die In Character, you're allowed to keep your character. This, however, stops at Adjuucha, meaning once you've reached Adjuucha you'll be forced to remake upon death.

Like canonly, it's possible to roleplay with other Hollows, hunt in packs and whatsoever. Roleplaying with other people tend to speed up your progression, as Administrators/Rewarders tend to reward you more if you create roleplay for other people as well as yourself.


It's possible to become an Arrancar in any Hollow State except Menos Grande. This is purely up to the Arrancar Leader of the wipe, more frequently called the Aizen Figure. It's an In Character role played by a trusted Player or Administrator. Said Arrancar Leader can choose to transform you into an Arrancar whenever they desire, however it's also possible for you to speed up the progress by searching for them yourself, as their name is usually well known throughout Hueco Mundo.


This is the Arrancar's equivalent to Shinigami's Shikai. By releasing your sealed hollow powers, you'll change appearance and gain new powers. Unlike Shinigami's Shikai, this does not require any prior-roleplaying, only level 30.

Power difference

By double clicking on someone, you'll notice that it states "Your reiatsu (power) is % stronger/weaker than X". That is the system the game is using to determine whose overall stronger. If your reiatsu is stronger, then you're more likely to win and your spiritual pressure is above the other persons. When you become an Arrancar, you'll notice that your reiatsu will shrink enormously, but fear not, that is simply because your hollow powers are sealed into your Zanpakuto, which can be released at any given moment, granting you even more reiatsu than in your original hollow state. This is also why Hollows generally have a higher reiatsu than others.


The passive system is to determine what specific area you specialize in. As you've probably noticed by now, there's a Menu called Passives. Inside it you'll find a verb called Passive Window. If you click that, a popup window will appear with a set of passives. At the top of it, you'll find the number of available passives. Once you've reached 10/10 in a certain area, you'll have mastered it. Remember to click the ? next to a passive to see what it does.


Espada, the ten swords of the Arrancar Leader. Obviously these ranks are choose by the Arrancar Leader, but usually not by random, but by strength. If you happen to be the strongest Arrancar, then you'll most likely be chosen as the Primera Espada, also known as Number #1. The lower number, the more authority. Meaning Number #1 could essentially order Number #2 to do a mission.

Espada Commander

This is a role the Arrancar Leader can pick off the batch, without needing to have any prior contact with a hollow. They're allowed to pick two Commanders at the start of the wipe, those two Commanders will be rewarded with Arrancar and is forced to follow the Arrancar Leader and help him in his conquest. Albeit they might not be stronger than the usual Espada, they still have more authority.

Arrancar Leader

The infamous leader of the Arrancars. The Arrancar Leader is usually the strongest Arrancar and one of the strongest persons of the wipe. It is also him/her who creates other Arrancars, manages the Espadas and controls the Hollows.


OOC rules; Notice that you're not allowed to break these rules, as they would most likely result in a strike from an Administrator or a straight out ban.

1. No meaningless killing unless it's fodder - You're not allowed to kill other people for no reason, unless they're fodder.
2. No IC in OOC - Meaning you're not allowed to say out loud in OOC that you've killed someone ICly or where you are.
3. No metagaming - Meaning you're not allowed to use OOC information ICly.
4. Use common sense for unwritten rules.

IC rules; Notice that you're allowed to break these rules, but they would most likely result in death.

1. It is by no means allowed to kill an Arrancar, unless you were attacked first.
2. Always follow the orders of a higher ranked Espada.
3. If you're not an Espada, then you're obligated to join a Fraccion.
4. The Arrancar Leader has supreme authority, going against him or his orders will result in death. You're not allowed to attack him, even if he's attacking you.
5. Espada Commanders has supreme authority only overruled by the Arrancar Leader, attacking them regardless of the reason will result in death.
6. No treason.
7. Do not bring Shinigamis to Hueco Mundo.
8. The Arrancar Leader is capable of breaking and changing any rule they see fit without anyone's consent.
9. As an Arrancar, you're not allowed to enter Earth without permission from an Espada.
10. As an Espada, you're not allowed to enter Earth without permission from a Commander.

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