Saito's Ressurection

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Saito's Ressurection

Post  Saito1 on Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:51 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Saruken ("Ape Fist")

Zanpakutou Call: Screech, Saruken

Zanpakutou Type: Close-medium ranged, speed, power

Ressurection appearance:
Saito's appearance changes greatly during his ressurection, firstly his abdomen is covered in red fur which spans all the way to his shoulder. His forearms and hands are coated in a thick white armor similar to that of a hollow mask and his body gains a large amount of muscle mass. His broken hollow mask expands across his face, covering from his top lip down, showing white teeth and long canines. Along with this his eye brows become more prominent, much like that of an ape but to a lesser degree.

Ressurection Abilities

Los monos puno: The armor coating his forearms and hands become dense enough to the point they can be used to defend against zanpakuto of any level much like a zanpakuto would be able to do, and he gains spikes on his knuckles which use his strike power for the basis of their strength along with all of his hakudo passives mirroring his strike power passive. (This ability is constantly active when he uses it until he deactivates it or is knocked unconscious or killed)

Mono cero: This is a cerro specific to his ressurection, when in use it mirrors his strike power passive with his cero/bala passive causing the cerro to be much more powerful than he normally would be able to accomplish in his normal form.

Ressurection Passives

Enhanced Hierro: In his ressurection, Saito's hierro's durability greatly increases, along with his endurance. (+1 to hierro)

Enhanced Strength: In his ressurection, Saito's physical strength is like that of the beast it represents, giving him massive strength boost for his human like size. (Strike power passive +1)

Enhanced Speed & Agility: His ressurection being that of an ape he gains the beastly speed and agility of an animal that is known for its incredible climbing (Agility) and impressive speed to size ratio (Speed) (All hoho passives +1)

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Re: Saito's Ressurection

Post  MasterSpectra on Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:32 pm

Approved, but Enhanced Reiatsu is denied, as some people might decide to put 0 points into Hoho.

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