Hirosaki, Spectra's custom Resurrection.

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Hirosaki, Spectra's custom Resurrection.

Post  MasterSpectra on Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:22 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Ushinawareta-ō (失われた王, "Lost King")

Zanpakutou Call: Enslave

Zanpakutou Type: Reiatsu, manipulation

Ressurection appearance:
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Ressurection Abilities

Reiatsu enhance; Spectra flows his reiatsu through his body, greatly increasing his offensive and defensive aspects. His claws become sharper and his skin tougher, having a lay of reiatsu surrounding it.

Manipulation; In his release, Spectra has the ability to basically control Hollows around him. It allows him to forcefully summon even Menos Grandes from Hueco Mundo to his aid, allowing for great military force when invading or causing chaos.

Blast of energy; Spectra clenches his fist, causing a green light with a blue irish to appear in his palm. He charges up his power for roughly a second before sending off the energy in the form of a beam, blasting through everything in it's path. It's strength is devastating and can easily obliterate those with low defensive stats. (Requires 8/10 hierro / mask protection to tank without taking lethal damage.)

Manipulation of energy; In his release, Spectra has the ability to create an orb of reiatsu which he can manipulate into several shapes such as a sword. This blade is stronger than the usual, as it will instantly regenerate by being replenished with Spectra's reiatsu upon taking damage.

Kōtei Cero (Emperor's Cero); An highly enhanced version of Cero. It takes almost no time to charge, and is several times stronger than the ordinary cero. On impact, it quite literally obliterates anything in a diameter of seventy meters. Alternatively, it can be fired several times in rapid succession, albeit only as strong as an ordinary cero.

Kōtei Bala [Emperor's Bala]; As the Kōtei Cero, it is an highly enhanced version of Bala. As the original Bala, firing it only takes minimal effort. However, the Kōtei Bala is significantly stronger and faster, being able to hit even those who have mastered Hirenkyaku.

Ressurection Passives

Enhanced Hierro
In his ressurection, Spectra's hierro's durability greatly increases, along with his endurance. (+2 Hierro)

Soundless Sonido
In his resurrection, Spectra's Sonido is further increased and becomes soundless. (+2 Sonido)

Enhanced Spiritual Pressure
In his ressurection, Spectra's spiritual pressure is greatly increased.

Enhanced Strength
In his ressurection, Spectra's physical strength and speed is increased. (+2 Strike power)

Enhanced Regeneration
In his ressurection, Spectra's high-speed regeneration is increased. (+2 High-speed regeneration)

Enhanced Spiritual Awareness
In his ressurection, Spectra's awareness is drastically increased, allowing him to sense people's movements without directly watching them.

Enhanced Speed & Agility
Spectra's released state increases his speed drastically, giving him animalistic agility and movement. (+2 Reaction time, agility, strike speed and sword speed)

Boosted Hakuda
His Zanjutsu stats is mirrored onto his Hakuda stats, converting his entire body into a blade.

Segunda Etapa name: Puraido (プライド, "Pride")

Segunda Etapa appearance:
Segunda Appearance:
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Segunda Etapa abilities:

All abilities from the original Ressurection is retained.

Blast of energy buffed to 9/10 hierro / mask protection

Hakai no ōbu (破壊のオーブ, "Orb of Destruction"); Spectra created an orb in the palm of his hand, which can be shaped into several objects such as a spear or sword. Alternatively it can be thrown, creating an enormousness explosion on impact. It's explosive and destructive power is several times more devastating than that of Ulquiorra's Lanza del Relampago.

Bōgyo kabe (防御壁, "Defensive Barrier"); As the practitioner raises their arm, a light green barrier is summoned to block an incoming attack. This barrier is capable of blocking even a Captain's strike. Alternatively a bigger one can be created by using the palm of the practitioner's hand, which is capable of blocking up to Hado #89 with relative ease.

Shīrubaria (シールバリア, "Sealing Barrier"); This require the practitioner to be at least ten meters close to their target. By raising their arm and calling it's name, Shīrubaria, the user emits a green barrier from the ground, roughly 2 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height, capturing their target, similar to Hado #90 Black Coffin. Albeit the barrier is strong, it can be broken if someone on the inside, or outside, is near, equal or above Spectra's reiatsu. (Maximum 3 Rp levels difference.)

Segunda Etapa Passives

Enhanced Sonido
In Segunda Etapa, Spectra's Sonido is further enhanced. (+4 in Sonido)

Enhanced Hierro
In Segunda Etapa, Spectra's Hierro is further enhanced. (+4 in Hierro)

Enhanced Regeneration
In Segunda Etapa, Spectra's High-speed regeneration is further enhanced. (+4 in High-speed regeneration)

Enhanced speed and agility
In Segunda Etapa, Spectra's raw speed and agility is further enhanced. (+4 in Reaction time, agility, strike speed and sword speed)

Enhanced Strength
In Segunda Etapa, Spectra's raw strength is further enhanced. (+4 in strike power and sword power.)

Enhanced Spiritual Awareness
As in his ressurection, Spectra's awareness is drastically increased, allowing him to sense people's movements without directly watching them.

Dense Spiritual Pressure
In Segunda Etapa, Spectra's spiritual pressure becomes vastly more dense, making those caught in it feel like they're underneath an ocean, slowly being crushed. (Has minor to none effect on those near or above his spiritual pressure)[/b]

Edit; Blast of Energy removed.

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Re: Hirosaki, Spectra's custom Resurrection.

Post  Hishido on Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:43 pm


Remember to change the blocking of Hado up until #89 and not #95.

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