Danny Palmers Xcution App

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Danny Palmers Xcution App

Post  Dazzler on Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:07 pm

Danny Palmer
[Level of Education]
GCSE, BTEC Level 3, A level
[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]
2 - 3 years
[Previous figure positions]
Your objectives this wipe :
Train and Organize the Fullbringers as an offense for the Humans, whilst also formulating a plan to eliminate all threats to the Human-race. Expose the Soul reapers, Hollows and other special beings to the Humans.
Week 1 :
Begin to train every single Fullbringer, whilst setting up small exposure projects.
Week 2 :
Start to organise the Fullbringers into pairs, each with their own name. (Alpha, Beta, Delta,Etc.)
Week 3 :
Begin to try and influx the amount of hollows coming into Karakuda Town, to expose them further.
Week 4 :
Cause a big uproar in the Human world, causing them to finally acknowledge the Fullbringers, and use us as an offense to clean up the town of Karakuda.
Final Week :
Declare war on Hueco Mundo.

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Re: Danny Palmers Xcution App

Post  Hishido on Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:34 pm

Your plans for the wipe are too bland, to be honest.

Think outside the box when going for a figure - I don't want the basic : "Ehm, I'll train people, then rank them, then have them kill baddies" model. You need to have a certain degree of complexity behind your ideas for the wipe. Your story should be constructed so that people will be surprised, nervous, etc... and every other entertainment-based emotion that exists. You have to convince people to join your race with these applications, not convince the staff that you can be a figure.

Try again Wink

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