Joruri's vaizard leader Application

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Joruri's vaizard leader Application

Post  Joruri on Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:50 pm


Joruri, Suimizu, Kaminarioni (i'm always online on one of those. )


[Level of Education]
basis/kader ( I'm from holland, translated it'd say Basic-kader, not the most amazing level of education. )

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]
6~12 months

[Previous figure positions]
Aizen Figure, Vaizard Leader

Your objectives this wipe :

Week 1 : Take it easy, live life easy, and perhaps already test some shinigamis of their worth. I would wait and see if anything major would happen in the world, before making it known that there are Shinigamis that transcended the limitations of Bankai, and proceeded further towards Hollowfication. I'd figure out how to get to Soul Society and end up chatting with the Captain Commander about... ''Stuff''

Week 2 : Train the rookie vaizards in using their hollows to the fullest extend, and hoping i'd have figured out how to get to Hueco Mundo by using my hollow's powers. After figuring that out, i'd have a chat with the Aizen Figure, after ofcourse i figure out who's in charge of this place, because -everyone- knows hollows shouldn't be walking around wielding zanpakutous, and living in such an organized organization.

Week 3 : I'd try to manipulate both the Captain commander and Aizen leader into having a war with each other, this'll be very complicated, but after raising somewhat of a relationship with both, I would make sure they'd trust me with their lives if necesarry. I would have to play this very smoothly, but i'd hope my plan would be okeydokey

Week 4 : A secret

Final Week : Depending on the choices the captain commander and aizen figure have made with me, my actions would vary. Let's just say my character is a bit too... ''Power hungry''

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