Exor's Segunda Etapa

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Exor's Segunda Etapa

Post  Exor on Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:56 am

*My Resurreccion is Grimmjow*

Segunda Etapa Type: Close-range

Segunda Etapa appearance: Exor's white boney armor turns into a shiny black as he enters his Segunda Etapa. His claws become sharper, his tail becomes harder, and his hair becomes a little longer and more wild coming down to his butt. As his reiatsu was originally a light blueish color, in his Segunda Etapa form it changes to a blackish reiatsu with a blue outline.

-Segunda Etapa Abilities-

*Desgarron is no longer available*

UNNAMED: Just like in his released form Exor can create a shock-wave by releasing his reiatsu and yelling. In his Segunda Etapa form this shock-wave is greatly enhanced being able to disrupt most reiatsu attacks. He is able to cancel out Hado #1-75, Cero 7/10 and below, Quincy arrows, and any other reiatsu attack weaker then the ones stated previously. *NOTE*: This technique takes three RP turns to recharge.

León Garra:
Exor coats his claws in his long flowing black reiatsu increasing their cutting power slightly. It makes cutting through objects much easier and can even leave marks on a zanpakuto if hit hard enough. The user can also throw this technique at their opponent repeatably for a slightly weaker effect while still retaining the same size.

Empowered Blood-lust: This isn't necessarily an ability, but it is a passive that may either help or hinder Exor's strength. His blood-lust increases and causes him to react without thinking most of the time. At times it can help his speed and strength by making him hasty, but most of the time it causes him to react without thinking of the possible dangers ahead ultimately causing him pain.

-Segunda Etapa Passives-

Enhanced Speed: Exor's speed increases greatly as his running speed can sometimes be confused as a Sonido.

Enhanced Strength: Exor's strength increases greatly as he is able to throw unprepared opponents into nearby buildings with ease.

Enhanced Hierro: Exor's Hierro increases slightly as a captain in their bankai form is required to cut his already 10/10 Hierro.

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