Shin's Ress/Segunda app

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Shin's Ress/Segunda app

Post  MrWhotehhell on Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:15 am

Zanpakutou Name:  Alboroto

Zanpakutou Call: Encender las llamas del Mundo

Zanpakutou Type: Close/Ranged

Resurreccion type: Close/Ranged

Resurreccion appearance: In this form. Shin grows black bat wings that he can use to fly around in. His hair grows long and black and drops to his waist. His black eyes turn Green like the color of his reiatsu. His zanpakuto dissappears and forms into a bigger hollow mask that runs down his hair.

Resurreccion Abilities:

Energy Sword - Similar to Ulquiorra's Luz de la Luna's cept in Sword form. Shin can form light green Sword's out of his reiatsu. Normally he'd use it as a melee weapon but it can be used as a ranged weapon due to it can be re created. ( Can be used as a Melee weapon in Segunda also. )
Energy Sword Power(Ranged) : The Energy sword used as a ranged weapon causes a medium explosion where hit. The explosion shrouds the area of effect in darkness followed by a green light emiting inside it and then.. Boom.
Energy Sword Power(Melee) : The energy sword used as a melee weapon has the power of a normal Shikai Captain leveled zan.

Compressed Bala: Shin can compress a light green bala's power into a more smaller shape allowing for faster travel. When it hits it's target. The compressed Reiatsu explodes on impact with more force than a normal bala. ( +25% power. Can be used in Etapa form in +50% and it's darker green )

Resurreccion Passives:
High Speed Regeneration:would have a much higher Regen ability being able to regenerate arms and limbs quickly and without much problems,I wouldn't be able to regenerate vital organs though.

Enhanced Speed: Being in his ress form. Shin's speed would increase to confuse enemies and to get a good hit on them. Also his wings are a good reason for it too.

Enhanced Hierro: His Hierro has vastly increased in strength allowing for fewer people to be able to cut through his badass Hierro.

Enhanced Reiatsu: Like all the other hollows in their Ress forms. Shin's reiatsu would increase in this form.

Segunda Etapa: Destrucción Rampage

Segunda Etapa Type: Close/Ranged

Segunda Etapa appearance: Shin's wings are now darker than ever. He grows another set of smaller wings underneath them allowing for better flight control. Shin lets out a black-green reiatsu aura around him. His mask that flows down his hair now grows to be longer. His arrancar suit gets ripped from the torso up so its just covering his waist/legs. The #4 tatoo on his back is now covered with black fur. Shin also grows a long thing black devilish tail with a point on the end. It's as sharp as a zanpakuto. It's used for melee purposes.

Resurreccion Abilities:
Energy Javelins: Powerful Energy Javelins similar to Ulquiorra's Lanza del Relámpago. Shin forms a black-green energy javelins and throws/stabs it at the enemy. It's powerful and Shin has little control over it. It causes big explosions where it's hit so Shin normally throws them from afar to avoid being hit. It's acidic to other's so when used as a melee weapon is pretty powerful too. Though it's only used as a melee weapon like once in a great big while.

Dual wielded Energy Swords: the Energy sword is now able to be dual wielded. It's only enhanced just a tad bit but using it as a dual wielded weapon has benefits.

Segunda Etapa Passives:
Enhanced Speed: Shin's speed is enhanced even more then his ress form.
Enhanced Reiatsu: Shin's reiastsu is way more powerful then his ress form.

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