Shade Genkai's Custom Resurreccion Application

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Shade Genkai's Custom Resurreccion Application

Post  Shade Genkai on Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:22 am

Zanpakutou Name: Ichi-hiki ōkami (Lone Wolf)

Zanpakutou Call: Cut the Bonds.

Zanpakutou Type: Close, medium range. A slightly shorter version of a traditional japanese katana

Resurreccion type: Close/Long range

Resurreccion appearance: A circle of black reishi appears at Shade's feet and from the circle a column of black reishi shoots up and covers Shade's body completely, when the reishi disperses Shade has a black trench coat with frayed edges and black form fitting bone armor covering his body, his legs and the body armor over them is covered by black jeans, he has black boots on his feet that go to a few inches above his ankles.

Resurreccion Abilities:

Tsume (Claws): With this ability Shade can cause extremely sharp blade's to shoot out from his body just by thinking of the area he wants the blade to come from. The blade's are extremely hard and are charged with Shade's reiatsu, they are capable of cutting through even an arrancar's hierro,  they are also capable of blocking offensive kido and cutting through binding kido.

Shuryo Yami (Hunting Darkness): This is a technique Shade uses to fire a blast of concentrated reiatsu out of his blade's that are a bit stronger then a cero, the blast is shaped like a crescent moon and very sharp, it is capable of cutting through most things.

Danzetsu (Severance): With this technique Shade can seal off whoever he hits from accessing their reiatsu, he does this by pushing his own reiatsu into their body and using it to block off their reiatsu, in order to perform this technique Shade must strike somebody in the center of their chest and make contact with skin, this technique lasts for two minutes.

Resurreccion Passives:
Enhanced Speed: In his resurreccion Shade's speed is increased to the point of being able to leave an afterimage trail with normal movements, his sonido speed is also enhanced to the point of being able to leaving afterimages.

Enhanced Strength: In his resurreccion Shade's strength is enhanced to the point of being able to strike an arrancar and damage them through their hierro.

Enhanced Perception: Some of the Reiatsu flowing through his body, along with increasing his physical abilities, increase the sharpness and accuracy of all of Shade's senses, with this he is able to discern attacks much more quickly and thus is able to make counterattack plans much easier.

Segunda Etapa:Fukki no Itami (Return of Pain)

Segunda Etapa Type: Close/Medium range

Segunda Etapa appearance: Wolf ears apppear on Shade's head and a wolf tail appears on his back, both black, the black trench coat disappears. He loses any blade's he has currently out and a katana appears in his right hand, the katana has a black hilt with red X's on the hilt, the blade is pure black and has a blood groove on both side's of the blade, the end of the hilt is engraved with the kanji for solitude (孤独 = Kodoku), Shade's aspect of death. His eyes also become slitted and more animalistic.

Resurreccion Abilities:

Kakusa Reta Shinjitsu (Hidden Truth): All of Shade's Reiatsu is compressed into his body and his sword, boosting the power of both and effectively hiding his reiatsu from people's senses.

Kaifu no Ansatsu-Sha (Unsealing of the Assassin): Shade's Hakuda skills are transfered over to Kenjutsu skills as he switches to the Iaido Ryuu sword style.

Segunda Etapa Passives:

No Longer Infinite Blade Works: Shade can no longer produce blade's from his body.

Sword Master: Shade's Hakuda passives are changed over to his Zanjutsu passives.

Shade Genkai
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