Kainen Therus' Arrancar Leader application.

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Kainen Therus' Arrancar Leader application.

Post  Kainen on Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:50 pm

[Name] Therus, Kainen

[Key] Eclipse2020

[Age] 16

[Level of Education] GCSE

[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game] One

[Previous figure positions] None, unless you count 2x Lieutenant and an Espada.

Your objectives this wipe : To form a hollow army and eliminate the Shinigami in revenge of our former master, De Yaru, and turn Soul Society into a large banquet for my hollow brethren.

Week 1 : Passed

Week 2 : Passed

Week 3 : Attempt to fill the Espada positions with stronger Hollow, get stronger myself.

Week 4 : Train the Espada in order to wipe out the Shinigami. Maybe kidnap some straggler Reapers for the hollows to devour.

Final Week : Launch an all-out, no holds barred offensive against the Shinigami and hopefully kill the captains before moving onto Kilo Toshiro. If we succeed, we'll then RP devouring every soul in the Rukongai, screwing up the balance of worlds. Reality will collapse into itself and implode, before resetting itself; the start of the next wipe.

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