Shade Genkai's Aizen Application

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Shade Genkai's Aizen Application

Post  Shade Genkai on Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:08 pm

Shade Genkai
[Level of Education]
Currently In college.
[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]
[Previous figure positions]

[Your objectives this wipe]
My goal for this wipe is to increase player participation in rp, specifically hollows and arrancars, I plan to bring more organization to the current hollows and arrancars and help them rp, or help them find rp so that they can achieve higher levels and their ress' and segunda's, also make the living world more suitable for hollow and arrancar inhabitants

Week 1 :N/A
Week 2 : N/A

Week 3 : Help the hollow's that haven't already been arrancarized and help the arrancar's that don't have their ressurection by rp'ing with them

Week 4 : Confer with the current Captain Commander to hold a tournament between the espada's and the captains. The victor of the tournament (as in either the SS or HM side) would be able to take complete control of earth without any resistance from the opposing side.

Final Week :Establish relations with the soul society and determine missions for various hollows to allow us a greater control over earth in secret and make the living world more suitable for hollows, allow each arrancar to have a chance to choose their own area in Hueco Mundo or on Earth to rule over as their home.

Shade Genkai
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