Shin's Mid-Wipe Arrancar Leader application

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Shin's Mid-Wipe Arrancar Leader application

Post  MrWhotehhell on Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:24 pm

[Level of Education]
High school
[Years of experience role playing on a Bleach game]
4-6 years
[Previous figure positions]
Captain on many games. Urahara and Captain on Bleach Way of the Soul. CC on Bleach Last Hirozen

Your objectives this wipe :
To roleplay with the hollow and make arrancars for my army. To help build the playerbase along with the hollow playerbase. To sort arrancars out into Numeros and Espada. To help arrancars achieve their ress forms. And finally. To wage war with the Shinigami to conquer Soul Society and secure our rights to feast on all the souls we want. And to secure a hollow only world.

Week1,2 are finished.

Week 3 :Make Arrancars and rp with them and encourage them to rp with other races to unlock their ress forms. Sort Arrancars into Espada and plain Numero's along with encouraging the Espada to rp with Numeros to find good Fraccion.

Week 4 :Rp with the Arrancar/hollows to unlock their ress forms if they haven't done so. Encourage them to rp with shinigami. Find out the Shinigami's strength for the war. Stay active to make sure Hollows can be made into Arrancar.

Final Week : Wage full out war with the Shinigami. Sending in non-espadas first to test the power of the shinigami. Then sending in the espada on the weakened shinigami to defeat them and conquer the Soul Society. If the wipes not over and we conquered the soul society. We will cause havok on earth to finish up my plans.

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