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Post  Dazzler on Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:04 am

This race would include the abilitys of my fullbring, and then added abilitys from being a Vaizard, as i noticed being a fullbringer limits your abilitys quite alot.


Vaizard Mask:

I would be able to put a hollow mask on, which would Add 1 passive point to all my movement passives and 1 to strike speed passive. It will also give me the ability to use the rest of the abilitys listed.


I would be able to create Cero's, slightly weaker then normal ceros, depending on the RP level depends how strong it would be. I.E if i was RP = 15 and i was fighting somone RP = 10 It would fatally injure them.


This allows me to teleport to Hueco Mundo and Earth, which will help me get around, rather then being stuck in one place.

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