Kilo Toshiro CC Application

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Kilo Toshiro CC Application

Post  Killer Mark on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:02 am

[NAme] Kilo Toshiro

[Key] Killer mark

[Age] 16

[Level of Education] High school [still in school]

[Years of  experience role playing on a bleach game] 1 year and five months.

[Previous figure positions] So far only captain.

Your objectives this wipe: My objectives for the rest of the wipe is simple. Since the former Captain commander is sick [if i can rp the rest of the wipe like that], was to build up a stable captain base with shinigami who log on every day and are good rpers. Once I have basic Captains I'll allow Vice captains and seated officers. Keep a eye on the hollow count and humans with special powers, and qunicys too.

My job would be more of a teacher to help shinigami learn fast and help out the 13 Gotei Court guard squads. Week 1-2 is done so ill start with week three

Week 3 : Since week 1-2 is over if I got it right, Il'l fully train the shinigami I have to reach the level of Captain[30]. Then I'll do my best to make peace with the Azien figure

Week 4:  If we have peace with the Azien figure I will set Captains to contine to train shinigami and appoint a few shinigami to watch over earth. If we dont have peace I will signal all out war, but try and keep distant until I have a number of captains who can fight or allies. Also if we have a good player base and the Azien figure sent out lackeys to control earth I wil send out captain to finsh them off as soon at they can.

Week 5: If we have a stable Captain and player base I will focus on training captains to achive Bankai if they havent already. Next i will help outsiders reach levels of there race solo training wont reach. If i can train a few people to reach a level I cant I will,  If in this week Espada grow restless i will send captain's to try and pick them of when they can like I said in week 4.

Week 6: If the azien figure is still alive and kicking and most of his lackeys are then its all out war and this will be the final fight. All Captains, Vice captains, and seated officers with Shikai or Bankai will take part in this war. If we have allies I will ask them for support and give them reasons too.

Thank you for reading it if you can tell me how i can improve next time then i dont mind hearing feedback.Cool 
Killer Mark
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